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This University Housing project is aimed at young graduates from secondary schools in rural areas or far from urban centers where tertiary and university education is concentrated and who have the intention and desire to progress in their studies but lack the material resources to be able to carry out their plans.

From the material standpoint, the project consists in providing housing, food and financial aid to allow young people to buy study materials and to commute from low-income rural areas, as well as medical, psychological, psycho-pedagogical assistance and support for those who need it.

The project also has a team of voluntary tutors and specialized volunteers who support, assist and guide the paths of the residents in every way necessary to achieve their study goals.

In the rural areas of our country, young people are facing three major issues:

  • shortage of job opportunities.

  • long-distance commuting between home and educational institutions.

  • insufficient income to pay for university training.

This obviously leads to the frustration of their dreams and underdevelopment of the surrounding communities, thereby exacerbating the enormous gap between the rural and urban areas of our country. Such realities inevitably make it impossible for young people to follow their career paths in keeping with their affinities, aspirations, and the needs of each region. The change in attitude of such students has also helped transform their peers and neighbors. These young people will be a vision of hope for hundreds of children in remote areas who also harbor dreams that they may have once considered too difficult and now begin to imagine possible.


Fundación Si is an ONG whose main objective is to promote social inclusion of the most vulnerable sectors of Argentina. The work is carried out by a great number of volunteers through a holistic approach that includes assistance, support, training, education, and work ethics.

For more information, go to the FUNDACIÓN SI! website by CLICKING HERE

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